Themes, Themes, Themes!

If you’ve seen 14/48 before, you know that our plays can be all over the map in the best way possible. Luckily, they are all connected by a common thread – our theme for the night!

Our themes are drawn at random from company and audience suggestion, from which we can all run wild. So far, we’ve created 56 [!!!] plays all based on the themes below:

2014: Uncomfortable Positions & Feigned Innocence
2015: Staying Together & Time to Go
2016: Emotional Hangovers & Mistaken Identities
2017: Revolution & Witches

What will 2018 bring? There’s only one way to find out!




Y’all, we are back! It’s been too long, but we are gearing up for the third year of 14/48 Austin and need you along for the ride.


The Festival is happening October 21st and 22nd at The VORTEX! Check out our Facebook Event as well as our Facebook Page to stay up to date with all of our scheming.

Our new donations site is live! If you have some spare dollars, we would love your support.

Rock Sampson, who played out 14/48 Quickie event is a bomb Austin DJ! You should hear more of his dulcet tones on Soundcloud. P.S. our selfie game is hella strong:


Drumroll Please…..

Y’all, we are so happy to announce that 14/48 Austin is now a Fiscally Sponsored Project of Austin Creative Alliance!


But what does that mean, you might be wondering? ACA does amazing work around Austin, and umbrellas in projects under their 501C3 status – that means we can apply for some sweet grants and continue to grow our festival right here in Austin! How exciting! Stay tuned for more information about Amplify too…

Next Year Will Be Here Soon!


The Austin Planning Crew has already been hard at work planning for next year but we need YOUR help to make it happen!

We’ll be hosting a variety of events throughout the next year to raise money for the festival but you can get in on the ground floor by making a donation to 14/48!

$100 will help pay for posters and getting those posters up!
$75 will pay for printing scripts and show materials!
$50 goes towards materials and costumes!
$10-20 will help provide a meal or two for an actor!
You may have in-kind services you’d like to offer like being a food or beverage sponsor, have a costume shop, or a venue we could use for rehearsal!

Any donation helps us out and we thank you so much for your support!

You can support us directly, here, or contact us at if you’d like to be a sponsor for 14/48 2016!

Thank you so much for all your ongoing support!

Want To Take The Wheel?


You’ve followed the blog, seen the plays, maybe you’ve even been a part of the show. Do you love the 14/48 Projects? Do you want to see this happen again in Austin in 2016???

YES!!!! Of course you do!!!

So join us as we start our planning for next year! We want YOU on our steering committee for the next phase of 14/48 Austin!!

The steering committee is filled with fun, innovative, and hardworking artists who love theater, possibility and community. They want a team of bold visionary Austin artists to help continue the growth and excitement.

If you want in for the mayhem, magic, and migas, and I know you do, please contact us at the form below and the Steering Committee will be in touch soon!

Can’t wait to work with you!